Use these pathways to plan your courses at your community college. We strongly recommend that you contact your academic department prior to course registration because you may need special permission to register for your intended courses. New Student Services/Family Outreach Advising & Orientation. Miller Hall 250 (MH 250) Mailing Address. As a transfer student who has already earned college credit, we encourage you to review your Transfer Equivalency Report (TER) before registering for classes or contacting an advisor in your intended major. Students who are completing an AS-T degree are encouraged to review our transfer credit policies as multiple options for completing GUR are available. To find out how courses taken at a Washington state community or technical college will transfer to the University of Washington, click the college name below. An official course description for each course must be attached to the e-form request. Semester credits are converted to quarter credits. Not all community colleges offer equivalents to WWU courses. To view a timetable of classes, visit ClassFinder. Click here to view CWU equivalencies. To see how your college courses will transfer to Western, check out the Transfer Course Equivalency Guide. Course descriptions can usually be obtained directly from the issuing institution, copied from an institution’s catalog, or found online through an institution’s course catalog. Here you will find information about orientation and advising programs for new students, critical registration information, and additional resources to assist you in making a successful transition to Western. You can check the Transfer Course Equivalency Guide to see if any of the courses you took at your previous college are equivalent to our English 202. Western Washington University Login. Transfer Course Equivalency Guide- self-check the courses from other institutions that can serve as WWU substitute course; Academic department advisors; Post-bac. If students repeat a course at another institution that they have already completed at … Access our inclusive Tribal Lands Statement. You should take time to familiarize yourself with your TER now and then review it again prior to registering for your first quarter's courses. Your online registration time is based on the number of college credits completed at the time of admission and occurs at the same time as continuing Western students. Your TER will otherwise include only the coursework submitted at time of application. TRAN 1TT: Transfer course that does not correspond to any one WWU department/major but may be used as a general elective, ACGM - Comparative, Gender, and Multicultural Studies (Block A), BCGM - Comparative, Gender and Multicultural Studies (Block B), QSR - Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning. Credit earned by International Baccalaureate, Military Credit, and CEEB Advanced Placement Exams are considered transfer credits. Therefore, you are encouraged to run a Degree Evaluation for GUR to determine which GUR you have left to complete. If you are earning an Associate in Arts or Associate in Arts and Sciences degree from a Washington state community college that meets the Intercollege Relations Commission guidelines for the Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA), you will have fulfilled Western's General University Requirements (GUR), provided you completed English Composition with a grade of C- or better, or earned an Advanced Placement (AP) score of 4 or higher on either English Language & Composition or English Literature & Composition exams. We often allow transfer students who haven't taken an equivalent course to declare the major on the condition they agree to take English 202 during their first quarter at Western. Courses transfer to Western Washington University at the same level (lower or upper division) as taken at the original institution. This list is updated annually in the fall; however, these courses are subject to change. Contact us at [email protected] if you have questions regarding course transferability; Transfer Admission Criteria; Test Equivalencies If certain requirements are met, transferred college credit can replace the First-Year Sequence. MPAR - Transfer course meets part of the QSR GUR; satisfactory completion of one additional course is required to satisfy QSR in full. | If a course is not listed, it does not mean that it will not transfer in. Once an equivalency is created, the information is recorded in the EWU Transfer Guide. A relatively new course may not have been submitted yet for equivalency review. Students who believe that they have taken coursework at a regionally accredited institution that is applicable to their current program may submit an e-form waiver either through the student portal or with the assistance of an admissions advisor. For students unable to attend Transitions, registration begins early September and continues until the day before classes begin.

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