Cardboard Recycling: You can also recycle cardboards. Keeping in mind the 2016 waste management trends, here are ten ideas you can try or be inspired by. Manufacture Waste Disposal Bags: Waste disposal bags are used in almost every home to collect waste for disposal. 2. Construct Public Toilet and Bathrooms: Public bathrooms and toilets are also part of the waste management industry as they help to manage human waste which can be highly toxic. Transportation Trucks: Rent charges depends on per kilometer/per day charges with the truck owners 4. 7. A popular business man in Lagos, Nigeria built a multi-million naira business empire just from making, selling and renting out mobile toilets. 32. This can be a very great Business model for people who cannot afford their own waste collection trucks. 1. Rubber waste recycling-: Rubber is never a waste material. Wool Recycling: The wool in mattresses and sofas can be used to make pillows and other items. Because rubber can always be melted and made into something else so you can go around picking up all the discarded rubber shoes and slippers, buckets, jerry cans and several other rubber wastes that people throw away because they consider them useless. Scrap Vending, is perhaps the simplest business idea in the waste management industry. You can solve that problem by creating a website where you can list items for sale so that people who need to buy them can easily find them. Wire Recycling: You can make money from recycling electrical wires too. 47. A waste management business owner must keep up with economic trends and government regulations. You can buy damaged batteries from people and recycle them for resell. Our company is 100% dedicated to providing quality waste management services to all our customers in NC. 25 Recycling Business Ideas Start an eco-friendly small business that serves to regularly clean air ducts to reduce energy consumption. Here is our collection schedule for the top of 2021. Waste Collection Center: Another lucrative idea is to start a waste collection center business. Bottles and Cans recycling-: This is one of the major items constituting environmental nuisance. Sawdust Recycling: Sawdust is a by-product of the wood processing, and furniture making industry. Carpet Recycling: You can buy or collect discarded carpets and resell them to carpet manufacturing companies for a fee. If YES, here are 50 best waste management business ideas. Here are 20 recycling business ideas that can be started with low capital. 41. You can also give entrepreneurs operating in the industry some tips to help them grow and make more profits from their business. 43. Advertisement: Rs. She left her corporate job and decided to focus on the waste business. 16. Sawdust is very useful in the poultry and animal rearing industry. Waste Management Blog: If you are looking to become a part of the waste management industry but cannot afford the huge capital outlay, you can settle for writing about trends, and events happening in the waste management industry. The worst thing is many Ghanaians are still in the habit of throwing waste into drainage. You can start a business of collecting waste tires off the street, and reselling them to businesses that need them. You can make good money from manufacturing and selling these bags to supermarkets, grocery stores, and consumers. Pet Poop Scooper: Another waste management business especially for students or people who want a part-time waste management business, is poop scooping. 18. This will save you time and allow you to track performance and engagement for your posts. Sanitation Company Names. He is the Executive Producer @JanellaTV and also doubles as the CEO, POJAS Properties Ltd. Top 10+ Waste Disposal Business ideas & Opportunities for 2021, 50 Best Waste Management & Recycling Business ideas in 2021, Starting a Medical Waste Disposal Company, Writing a Waste Management Business Plan [Sample Template], How to Get a Boating License in Each State of USA, How to Get a Wholesale License in Each State of USA, Requirement to Get a Barber’s License Without Going to School. 10. Waste metals can be made into a lot of other things. 2 lakh/year 6. 42. 24. It is also used in the building and brick-making industry. Used Engine Oil Recycling Business: Most people just discard the old engine oil that they drain from their vehicles, however discarded engine oil is still very useful. Glass Recycling: You can have people pick up broken bottles and glass off the street, and sell them to you so that you can resell them to glass manufacturing companies for a sizable profit. Every day and in every corner of the world, waste is being generated. Old tires can be refurbished and used to make new tires. 12. Copyright © 2021 Profitable Venture Magazine LLC | All Rights Reserved | See About Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer. Ajaero Tony Martins is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Developer and Investor; with a passion for sharing his knowledge with budding entrepreneurs. Natural Christmas trees can be placed curbside with other yard waste items. You can start a business that involves collecting used clothing items, cleaning them up, and then reselling them. Wood Recycling: Wood recycling is another lucrative waste management business to look into. You can start a rubber recycling plant to collect discarded rubber, and sell it at a profit to manufacturers who need them. Brand it after your accessories and tools. 50. You can go around collecting metal scraps or have people who collect them sell to you in large quantities while you resell them to companies who produce nails, roofing sheets, pots, cutleries etc. Plastic Recycling Plant: Plastic is not an item that goes to waste, plastic can always be melted and remolded into something else. You can either discard these waste materials, or recycle some of the useful items that are usually discarded by manufacturing companies. Medical Waste recycling-: Hospitals and clinics need people to help them dispose wastes like human parts, blood, needles and syringe etc in a safe manner. Electronic Recycling Plant: Most people just dump their old or malfunctioning electronics in their trash cans. Scrap metal depot-: Metals are one of the hottest items that can be recycled. Still a young startup, Sahaas is already on the road to profitability. It can also be used to make low-quality furniture. For instance, after gold is mined and processed, it leaves behind some by-products which are also useful for making items of lower quality. Waste management is certainly becoming one of the hotter investments in the rapidly cooling tech business in India. DESCRIBE YOUR BUSINESS IDEA What is a Business Idea 7 3. Rubber Recycling Plant: Just like plastic, rubber can be made into a variety of other products. BBB Directory of Waste Management near Concord, NC. 6. Although eBooks are more popular nowadays, many people still find pleasure in collecting and reading hardcover books. Every home owner has to deal with waste materials of varying proportions daily which is why residential garbage collection is a very good business idea. Middle man waste management: To start up a middle man waste management business, you would need more capital. 38. Industrial waste collection-: This is similar to residential waste collection only that this business focuses on collecting garbage from offices and business premises instead of private residences and homes. Many pet owners barely have the time to scoop and discard their pet’s feces. 15. You can start a business of recycling used cooking oil. 30. 33. Unlike in the past when most people found it easy and convenient to dump their garbage in authorized dumpsites which end up blocking drains and causing environmental hazards, some African countries are becoming more environmentally responsible. Then below are 20 small business opportunities in the Waste Management industry. It requires modest investment to get started. To start this business, you would need to buy a waste disposal truck and have an understanding with a waste collection center where you would dump the refuse after collection. This system is self explanatory. Use your skills and common sense. You can construct public bathrooms and toilets, and then have people pay you to make use of them. 20,000/ month I am sure you would have been willing to part with a few hundreds just to make a toilet appear right there at the time. Reply. Construction Wastes-: The construction industry also generates a lot of waste. BBB Start with Trust ®. Human Hair Recycling: People pay good money to buy human hair, which is then processed into weaves and wigs. It is both profitable and environment-friendly. Game Disk, DVD and CD Recycling: Millions of DVDs, CDs and game disks go to waste every year. These wastes could take thousands of years to decompose even after they have been buried, thereby leading to environmental degradation and global warming. It’s not uncommon to see used bottles and cans littering the street. Are you interested in starting a waste management business, but you lack ideas? Business Waste Compactors. 19. Diaper Collection and Disposal: Diapers are one of the most problematic waste materials in the environment because most of them are not biodegradable, and can take hundreds of years to decompose. 4. 4. A lot of educational institutions use a lot of cardboards; you can buy discarded cardboards from them, and sell to companies that make book binders and covers, folders and other related items. 7. While this may sound a bit off the waste management business ideas list, starting a professional cleaning service is also another waste management business idea to venture into. Recycling E-waste gives rise to a brand new product and also helps us save money and the fast depleting resources of the world. Paper is usually manufactured from the barks and woods of the tree. Crafters make use of wine corks for different projects, and you can earn a decent income from gathering your bottle corks, and reselling to them. Recycling of electronic waste-: You could also collect start a business of collecting electronic wastes like bad televisions, radios, old computers, discarded cell phones etc. We look forward to crafting real solutions together to help your business. 10. Furniture Recycling: Another lucrative business idea is to collect discarded furniture, remodel them, and then sell them for good profit. So you could just go around collecting waste paper and use them to start your own tissue production company or sell them to companies that produce tissue paper.

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