Palermo, Monreale and Mondello Private Tour with Street Food Transportation included; Duration: 4 hours; Private group; 5.0. Once its exterior appearance was totally different to today. Many images in this blog, other than those belonging to the Tourism, Sports and Entertainment Department of the Sicilian Region, have been granted for free by the photographers for mere promotional purposes and for their exclusive publication on our website; therefore they cannot be used by third parties. The Palatine Chapel is is worthed itself a visit to Palermo. The Palatine Chapel is is worthed itself a visit to Palermo. The rest of the mosaics, dated to the 1160s or the 1170s, are executed in a cruder manner and feature Latin (rather than Greek) inscriptions. The most ancient mosaics, that is the Christ Pantocrator in the dome, the angels surrounding him and the Evangelists absorbed in their studies, stand out among the others. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Palatine chapel ceiling, Palermo, Sicily, Italy. [11][12] Along the northern wall of the sanctuary is the royal balcony and the northern chapel, where the King would watch and listen to the liturgy on special feast days. Photo about Interior of the Palatine Chapel of Palermo, Sicily, Italy. Nicholas. Most muqarnas are made out of stucco or stone but the muqarnas in the Cappella Palatina are molded and carved with wood. Cappella Palatina (Palatine Chapel aka Palace Chapel) in the Palazzo Reale, city of Palermo, Sicily, Italy. In Maguire, Henry (ed.). The nave, constructed under Roger II, did not contain any Christian images. Of its original facade there is almost nothing left because it was incorporated by other more recent structures. 2 Reviews. Map of museums and archaeological parks in Sicily. An UNESCO monument that everyone should visit. Craftsmen of three different religious traditions worked alongside each other. The Palatine Chapel (Italian: Cappella Palatina), is the royal chapel of the Norman palace in Palermo, Sicily. The structure is influenced by Fatimid art style, with the nave ceiling taking from Fatimid art through the use of muqarnas. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. It is a mix of various styles, including European, Sicilian, Byzantine and Arabic, and features Byzantine mosaics and an Islamic-style wooden stalactite ceiling. [18] Illustrating architectural and artistic genius to juxtapose Sicily's "melting pot" culture. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. No need to register, buy now! The Palatine Chapel (Cappella Palatina), is the royal chapel of the Norman kings of Sicily situated on the first floor at the center of the Palazzo Reale in Palermo, Sicily. The hundreds of facets of the Muqarnas ceiling were painted, notably with many purely ornamental vegetal and zoomorphic designs but also with scenes of daily life and many subjects that have not yet been explained. The Cappella Palatina built in 1132 is one of the pearls of Arab-Norman art mainly from the huge variety of amazing mosaics with Scriptural scenes. These outlines are accompanied by oval medallions and cartouches. The Palatine Chapel (Italian: Cappella Palatina), is the royal chapel of the Norman palace in Palermo, Sicily. The construction of the chapel was ordered by Norman King of Sicily Roger II, in 1132, by reusing an old chapel built in 1080 (which, in turn, became a crypt). This is not a journalistic blog as it is updated without any periodicity Therefore, it cannot be considered an editorial product, pursuant to law no. The Palatine Chapel in Palermo is a Byzantine style chapel built by the Normans in the 12th century, and famous for its beautiful mosaic decoration and artwork. Questo blog non rappresenta una testata giornalistica in quanto viene aggiornato senza alcuna periodicità. Questo sito web non ha alcun fine di lucro, chi ravvisasse una possibile violazione di diritti d’autore può segnalarlo e provvederemo alla tempestiva rimozione del contenuto specifico. You can also join a hop-on-hop-off bus tour and explore the palace’s chapel and … The oldest are probably those covering the ceiling, the drum, and the dome. Palermo, Italy: Cappella Palatina - Palatine Chapel - UNESCO World Heritage - - Wonderful Royal Chapel built by King Roger II of Sicily, in 1143. The Palatine Chapel is the royal chapel of the Norman kings of Kingdom of Sicily situated on the first floor at the center of the Norman Palace in Palermo. Roger II, King of Sicily (patron) (1095-1154, r. 1130-1154) Palermo (place) Building type religious Building usage church Coordinates 38.110438, 13.353746

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