Minerals NO POCK! ® 1 Minor Moderate Amount a joint compound comprising a latex binder, a filler, a preservative and a thickener, said filler comprising calcium carbonate or calcium sulfate, wherein said filler and said binder are present in a ratio of from about 100:1 to about 10:1; a surfactant additive consisting essentially of a hydrocarbon substituted sulfonate, wherein said hydrocarbon comprises an alicyclic or an aromatic group, having from 12 to 24 carbon atoms. Mica or talc optionally are also added to the joint compound to modify the rheology of the slurry. Hyperjoint is a patented technology that creates a stronger, tougher, more robust joint compared to traditional bolted and adhesively bonded joints. [1] Excess water evaporates. Latex binders are the preferred binders. Binders that are particularly suitable include polyvinyl acetates, acrylics, polyvinyl alcohols, redispersible powders, such as polyvinyl acetate, ethylene vinyl acetates, and starches. It can be applied to the joints directly without either paper tape or fibreglass mesh tape. In the preferred embodiment, the surfactant is blended with a ready-mix, drying-type joint compound. Surfactant BIO-SOFT ® N-411 STEPANOL ® POLYSTEP ® Powdered drying type compounds are available. 4.5 out of 5 stars 209. 3 All purpose joint compound which can be used in bedding and taping coat, filling and finishing coats. Minor Often, several different fillers are used in combination to obtain a specific set of properties. Joint compound is highly favourable as the result of its application is often seamless and better than ordinary wall. The joint compound of the present invention also shrinks less than conventional joint compounds. 6 The accelerator gives contractors the ability to stock and use fewer setting-type joint compound products, while still meeting a range of setting time requirements. Use of soaps or detergents also contributes to paint flashing whereby poor paint coverage is obtained. Add to standard drywall joint compounds. benzene sulfonate Simply, it will be called joint compound with the qualifiers ready-mixed or pre-mixed omitted. STEPANOL ® Although reduced shrinkage was not the sole criterion under consideration, nor was it the ultimate goal, materials considered part of the present invention all exhibited shrinkage less than 14%. Description Dolomite, a mixture of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, is also a preferred filler. When the sulfate or sulfonate salt is used, potassium or sodium is the preferred cationic component. Cracking But joint compound is called something else in other countries, and the Elmer’s brand isn’t available at all in some places. Tip: Using a paint texture additive or joint compound will allow you to add texture to any paint color of your choice. Sulfonate a joint compound comprising a binder and a filler, wherein said binder comprises latex and wherein said filler and said binder are present in a ratio of from about 100:1 to about 10:1; a surfactant additive consisting essentially of a hydrocarbon substituted sulfate, sulfonate, sulfuric acid or sulfonic acid, wherein said hydrocarbon is an aliphatic, olefinic, alicyclic or aromatic group, or combinations thereof, having from 12 to 24 carbon atoms. Methyl Hydroxy Thickness of any one particular position within the box will vary due to the presence of craters, flowability and other factors. Cratering The base joint compound generally includes one or more binders, one or more fillers and other additives as required by the particular application to be used. It is inconvenient to carry the joint compound, the soap or detergent, a measuring device and a mixer, all to a job site, particularly if it is in a remote location. In the construction of buildings, one of the most common elements is gypsum wallboard, often known as drywall, used in the construction of walls and/or ceilings. Examples 2, 3, 6, 8 and 9 show that superior results are obtained with the additive of the present invention. CEDEPHOS ® Unlike food coloring, carpenters chalk, or other alternatives, Never-Miss uses a specific non-toxic formula for drywall joint compound that is proven to not bleed through the paint or impregnate the gypsum board in anyway. It is, therefore, an object of this invention to provide an improved joint compound composition that reduces shrinkage and cracking in drying type joint compounds. Stepan 0.01% Fungicide Isopropyl amine Soap. 91.37% crater Average TROYSAN ® 174 A patterned effect may be given to the finished wall and joint with the all-purpose joint compound to provide a textured finish. The target viscosity of the packaged ready-mix product is preferably from about 400-700 Brabender units.

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