And they proceeded to fight a bunch of Super Buu clones who were apparently as strong as the real thing. Here is evidence of Super Buu being stronger than Kid Buu. also if you noticed, gohan held off buutenks far longer, before being mindfuked and overwhelmed Watch Queue Queue. I dunno man I'm not thinking clearly atm and am using my 14 hour work day as an excuse to bail. This episode first aired in Japan on May 3, 1995. DBZ _ SSJ Gohan vs Cell - Full Fight (Part 1 of 7) HD. For as critical as Gohan is to the Saiyan and Frieza arcs, he ends up spending a good chunk of the Cell arc in the background. Completely and utterly outclassed. Best channel for all the real DBZ fans. My Opinion: 20% gap + 7 years of not training + battle unpreparedness = Butt kicking for Gohan. What do you all think? On Supreme Kais planet. Mystic Gohan vs Buutenks [Full Fight] HD. Gohan VS buu, gohan VS super buu, Super buu VS gohan, gohan, buu, Super buu, gohan beats super buu, Super buu defeated, gohan defeats super buu, Super buu beat by gohan, dbz, dbs, majin buu VS gohan, gohan VS majin buu, Genuine DBZ, Goku, Vegeta, gohan VS Vegeta, gohan full power. Both Blood Lusted. Gohan's Miracle Power") is the tenth episode of the Fusion Saga and the two hundred sixty-third overall episode in the original dubbed and uncut Dragon Ball Z series. Later, he transformed into Super Buu of which had various transformations, Buutenks as well as Buuhan, which are incredible, though it may have disappointed some or even most of DBZ fan's...for instance, like Gohan, Piccolo and Gotenks being absorbed by Buu etc.. Leading up to the Cell Games, Goku and Gohan train inside the Room of Spirit and Time. This video is unavailable. Fight to KO or Death no BFR. Follow. Let's clear this up: Buutenks Vs Mystic Gohan - Page 4. 悟ご飯はんのミラクルパワー, Bū o Attō!! My question is why do you guys believe he lost the way he did? Gohan doesn't land a single blow for at least one episode. Goku did alright in the filler. Lol. It’s not even that. Buu powered up to fight him. Ssj2 Goku + Majin Vegeta > Fat Buu vs Gohan Fat Buu after power up >>> any Ssj2. Round 1: Kid Buu vs. Super Buu (No Absorbtions) Round 2: Majubb vs. Buutanks Big Surprise. - Chou Gohan vs Super Buutenks (Full Power) = Arguably an even worse beating that Gohan vs Unaltered SB. 551 Anime Fans. Elder Kai implies that even a Base fusion between Goku and Gohan would likely be strong enough to defeat Buutenks But considering Vegeta is several dozen times weaker than Gohan, is that true for Vegito? #anime #dbz #cell #vegeta #Dragonballz #full #dragonball #trunks. I don't own Dragon Ball Z Sorry it took me this long to update. No restrictions, full power, indestructible planet.Round 1:NormalRound 2:Buutenks no regen HD quality. Get all the DBZ videos here. She noticed that he had a crystal ball in his hand and eyed it suspiciously when suddenly the crystal ball started to glow and an image started to appear on the crystal ball. The funny part is that even if we did go by the anime, the answer would still be Buutenks. 0. So nah. Watch Queue Queue Remove Ads Create a gif. The way the Buutenks vs. Yeeeeah, I’ma need you to rewatch that fight… 4 years ago | 3.3K views. - SSjin 3 Goku vs Super Buutenks (Full Power) = Fight barely lasts 5 or so Next, Fat Buu vs Evil Buu occurs, which is one of the most underated fight in DBZ, a clear resemblance of Good vs Evil. "A Whole New Gohan" (ブウを圧あっ倒とう!! Team 1 wins this. Videl walked toward the Old Kai and sat next to him. DBZ Master HD. Join Community. Moderated by: SgtMartin, EpicRaptorMan. Ultimate Gohan vs Buutenks Opinions about the fight; User Info: Buutenks. No absorbing. Mystic Gohan fight started out, it looked like it was Dragon Ball - General This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. Aside from kicking Dr. Gero once, Gohan doesn’t even get to fight until the Cell Games itself– where he ultimately become Dragon Ball ’s main character. Then when Goku fought Buutenks, he did better than Super Buu could ever hope and when the fusion ran out, Goku was about to spank his ass in the anime. The idea that the next generation will alway be stronger than the last is one that Dragon Ball hammers in as early as the 21st Tenkaichi Budokai. Report. Gohan no Mirakuru Pawā, lit. It’s clear that Goku would lose, and badly. Kid Buu is the most dangerous form, not the strongest. Buutenks was serious and enraged aswell in that fight buutenks was not angry with goku. Follow this page for amazing dragon ball dubstep remixes, parody, videos and many more 3 Vs Fat Buu Like his fight against Cell, Goku never actually intended on defeating Majin Buu himself. Buutenks 5 years ago #1. 1670. Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, Cell, Freeza, Bulma, Chi Chi, Android 18....See them all! All fights. Added 5 years ago anonymously in action GIFs Source: Watch the full video | Create GIF from this video. Buutenks kicked Goku’s ass in Z filler, and in the manga, Goku was terrified. absurd. 0. "Boo is Overwhelmed!!

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