Subsequently, his new little angel begins terrorizing the Griffin household and Brian's self-important attitude toward parenting infuriates Peter and Lois. After accidentally blinding himself, Peter wanders into the Drunken Clam while it's on fire and unknowingly saves Horace from the flames, becoming a local hero. The two make it through training with no help from Sergeant Angryman and end up in Iraq, where they try everything possible to get an honorable discharge. When camp ends and the Griffins come to pick Chris up, they accidentally are launched into outer space, and it's up to Chris to land the clan safely back on earth. After running into Jesus at the Quahog Mall, Peter is stunned to discover that the Son of God is still a virgin. All of your favorite Family Guy Episodes in detail. Direction Series Date Description Type. When the family fails to help Lois with the Christmas shopping, she walks out on the family and the Griffins must try to save Christmas on their own. Yes, “Family Guy” vowed to retire telling “gay jokes” last year before a quick backpedal, but the program still traffics in yuks now deemed unacceptable. They go talk to Mayor West, and find out he is one of the sleeper cells. Quagmire scores free friends-and-family plane tickets for a guys' trip to San Francisco. Meanwhile, Peter tries to start a band with the guys, but it's Meg's new look that has the record producers singing their praises. The race takes a turn when Quagmire campaigns against Brian for the open seat. Peter's past as a sperm donor catches up to him when many of his children show up unannounced to his house. What if the Griffins had super powers? When Peter injures himself and a family of squirrels in a chainsaw accident, Chris and Stewie take in one of the injured rodents to nurse it back to health. Stewie recognizes the leader as the man who wants to return him to the "ovarian bastille". When Peter accidentally gives all of the family presents away, the family has to go the mall for last minute gifts on Christmas Eve, while Brian, who stays home, gets caught in a sticky mess with the Christmas tree and burns Lois' dinner. When Lois saves his beloved teddy bear, Rupert, Stewie starts to think that maybe he shouldn't kill his dear old mom and clings to her like a baby blanket. However, when Stewie doesn't like what he sees, he realizes that the only way to ensure a different outcome is to change his ways immediately and hope for he best. When they find the culprit, Stanford, Stewie challenges him to a ski-off to get Rupert back. When the Griffin family decides to start a restaurant, they have a hard time attracting customers. But when Peter questions the historical truthfulness, the town turns on him and he must fight his own battle. marks an episode with not enough content. 10 12 And A Half Angry Men (7.5) This classic, gripping drama-turned film from 1957 makes for a fun concept to spoof, given the abundance of dialogue and the myriad of characters that make of the 12 jurors; and Family Guy nails it. Brian begrudgingly takes Stewie to the mall, only to get the brush-off from Santa. Upset with Lois for leaving him at home, Stewie vows to carry out a diabolical plan. Meanwhile, Lois discovers her long-lost brother, Patrick, and fights to get him released from an insane asylum. When the Griffins get robbed, the family runs into Peter's panic room to escape the trespassers. After the local airline pilots go on strike, Quagmire looks for new work and becomes a gigolo. When Peter and the guys try to salvage a sunken Mercedes-Benz, Peter half-heartedly promises a favor to a helpful dolphin. The show has not been canceled since then. Meanwhile, Brian sleeps with a married woman, and when the husband returns home, he pretends to be the family’s new dog. When the Griffins find themselves in a financial bind, Lois is forced to find a job of her own. After Brian accidentally leaves him in the tanning booth for six hours, Stewie gets sunburned and fears he has cancer. Stewie doesn't like Brian's stand-up comedy jokes, so the two of them fight. But when the fame goes to his head, Brian gets a wake-up call from Bill Maher. And a terrified Stewie sets a series of traps for the Tooth Fairy, hell-bent on destroying him. Meanwhile, a local talent show brings Peter and Lois back to their folk singing days. When the brewery announces it will be firing one employee, Peter is nervous he will be the one let go. After Meg recovers, Peter is very protective of her, so he drives Micheal away. Brian decides he doesn't want to hang out with Stewie anymore, so Stewie tries to save their relationship by having a baby ... or seven ... by using Brian's DNA to impregnate himself. In return, Peter fulfills a favor and takes the mobster's nephew, Big Fat Paulie, to the movies. Chris's search for a new hobby leads him to befriend a puppeteer named Franz, until his checkered past is revealed. Then he is injected with a gene that leads him to a new mate, leaving a broken-hearted Lois behind. Regardless, the poke at gender identity isn’t the first time the series has taken a jab at the left. With Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mila Kunis. Hi I have some episodes of family guy that i have named with the episode and season number within itunes through get info/video. Meanwhile, Peter rescues a man from the ocean only to discover that the man is a nudist. When the creators of the show announce that they will show the image of a religious symbol, the network threatens to ban the episode. Meanwhile, Peter and the guys are upset at how Joe is acting and decide to teach him a lesson. , Then, unforeseen events in the air put Quagmire's abilities to the test. With Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mila Kunis. Peter and the gang's search for the historical source of all dirty jokes leads them to Virginia where they reunite with Cleveland and meet his new family. Meanwhile, Stewie runs away from home when Meg is left to babysit him. The day that Peter buys volcano insurance is the day that Lois becomes fed up with their constant money problems. Fox took notice and in May of 2004, two years after being canceled, the network resurrected “Family Guy” by ordering 35 new episodes to be produced. Meg has fun partying with Peter when he takes her to a college for an interview. When his plan backfires, Meg's chances of getting into Brown University are threatened. When Peter hurts his hand and his boss Angela tells him he needs to pick up the pace, Lois goes to the brewery and helps him play catch-up. When he sets the date for her end on Friday, Meg tries to get out of it. But after a mishap leaves Stewie stuck living in a bubble, Peter searches for a new religion finding faith in his television hero the Fonz. Brian's new job as a journalist leads him to uncover that Pawtucket Pat, Quahog's hero and brewery founder, took part in racist actions against Native Americans. When Chris and Stewie go missing for several days, Lois is at her wit’s end until she sees a psychic who assures her they are safe. Peter and Mayor West bond and become best friends. What if Peter found a Genie lamp? Sarah Palin claimed she was hurt by a remark made by the character, as she has a child with Down Syndrome. If you want to continue to explore the fascinating world of "WandaVision," we have you covered with some inspired recommendations. But when the test results determine Peter is legally mentally challenged, everyone ends up looking stupid. Meanwhile, Stewie, Brian and Frank Sinatra Jr. attempt to open an Italian restaurant. Peter takes up smoking cigarettes, and is approached by Mr. Stone, an advertising executive who wants Peter to be the face of his anti-smoking campaign under the caveat that Peter continues to smoke. When Mayor West is put on trial for murder, Brian is the lone holdout voting "not guilty," and he tries to persuade his fellow jurors that there's a reasonable doubt of the Mayor's guilt. Meanwhile, Lois and Peter try to play matchmaker. Unfortunately, they also revert to their hippie ways and Chris must stage an intervention. After a mishap at work, Peter decides to take his health more seriously and diet with the help of Quagmire, Joe, and Cleveland. is this possible? When Meg can't find a date to her junior prom, Brian gets suckered into going with her, even though he is dating Jillian. Steve Callaghan, When Chris' teacher wins the lotto and quits, Brian fills in as the substitute. When Stewie refuses to sleep in his own bed because of nightmares, Peter can’t stand it, so he goes to sleep in the attic. Peter turns the attic into a man cave and all of the guys begin hanging out there, which makes Lois incredibly angry. But after raising hell in Quahog and terrorizing the neighbors, Peter accidentally kills his beloved pet. When the plan flops, Quagmire receives advice from his idol, Hugh Hefner, which leads him to save the day. Dog-Stewie from that universe helps real Brian and Stewie get back home. Everest because Peter gets competitive again with Lois’ ex, Ross Fishman. The adrenaline rush from shoplifting sends her on a stealing spree that spirals out of control and leaves her behind bars. Meanwhile, Lois begins feeling bored at home so she gets a job as a flight attendant. In order to help him, Death takes Peter back to the moment that Peter and Lois met and fell in love. A new guy named Jerome is a candidate when Peter and the guys interview potential friends to fill the vacancy left by Cleveland.   |  When the guys volunteer to chaperone the high school prom, Quagmire hits it off with Courtney only to discover that she is his daughter. Meanwhile, Stewie, Brian and Stewie's teddy bear, Rupert, become involved in an odd love triangle. Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q. Stewie, Chris & Brian's Excellent Adventure, Chris Has Got a Date, Date, Date, Date, Date, Family Guy Presents: Seth & Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show,, When Quagmire recovers from his "accident" he learns that his sister Brenda needs his help. Lois and Peter go into business together and open a cookie store, but things get messy when Peter comes up with his own way to get more customers. Meanwhile, after Lois forces Stewie to eat his broccoli, he attempts to destroy all vegetables by building a weather control device. Meanwhile, Chris gets a horrible case of acne. After Chris is approached by an Army recruiter, Brian goes to the headquarters to give him a piece of his mind, but Stewie tags along and gets them both enlisted in boot camp. Meanwhile, Peter finds a new vest and on one of many adventures fitting for his new attire, his arms are torn off and he is left with tiny hands that have yet to grow back. Fed up with his antics, Lois takes the kids and leaves, giving Quagmire his opportunity to swoop in and score.

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