After they pass the seventh world and shut down the factory, they proceed to the volcano to finish the Tiki Tak Tribe's rein once and for all. Contents.ProblemsThere are no reported problems with this title.Enhancements HD Texture PackThere is a high definition texture pack for Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Dolphin forums.Remove 4:3 BordersWhen the Wii Aspect Ratio is set to 4:3, the game will add black borders to the top & bottom of the screen to remain in 16:9. On July 5, 2019, an emulated version of Donkey Kong Country Returns, known as Donkey Kong Returns, was officially released on Nvidia Shield TV[2], exclusively for the Chinese region.[5]. Descargar Donkey Kong Country Returns wii (1. A Tiki Pilot stealing the precious banana hoard from Donkey Kong in the Jungle level, Donkey and Diddy Kong travelling through Jungle level, The mine cart section in the Jungle level, Squiddicus pursuing the Kongs in the Beach level. All the animals on the island are also freed from their mind control, (It is seen as a banana hits the head of an elephant, and a squirrel and giraffe move throughout the world) and Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong later celebrate their victory and reclaim their banana hoard. Pixelated Donkey Kong in DK Country Returns. Each Kong has two heart containers (or three in the, Crash Guard: Crash Guard lets a mine cart or rocket barrel take two extra hits, instead of it exploding after a single hit. It allows PC gamers to enjoy games for these two consoles in full HD (1080p) with several enhancements: compatibility with all PC controllers, turbo speed, networked multiplayer, and even more!●Dolphin Settings●Backend►Direct3D 11●Fullscreen Resolution►1920x 1080●Internal Resolution►3x Native (1920x1584) For 1080p●Anti-Aliasing►2x MSAA●Anisotropic Filtering►16x●Load Custom Textures►YES●Controller►XBOXone controller●Dolphin Emulator►●DKCR Controller Profile►★Game Info▬▬▬▬▬▬Developer - Retro Studios, Monster GamesRelease - 11/21/2010Genre - PlatformerPlatform - Wii Publisher - Nintendo►Donkey Kong Country Returns is a 2010 side-scrolling platformer video game developed by Retro Studios and published by Nintendo for the Wii console.The game's story focuses on a group of evil creatures called Tikis known as the Tiki Tak Tribe that arrive on Donkey Kong Island, and hypnotize the island's animals to steal Donkey Kong's bananas. The animals in Donkey Kong Country Returns WII ISO Island have oppress Donkey Kong’s Banana store.He stolen his keep back of bananas . The second player must use Diddy Kong and he/she is not capable of interacting with menus and maps. At the end of each world, they must defeat a Tiki Tak Tribe leader. Dolphins first appeared as allies in Super Mario World. The game was announced at the E3 2010[4]. One of the tribe leaders then possesses it to fight the Kongs. It instead has five circles that light up, signifying that the level is loading. The Extra Life Balloons no longer represent the face of the main protagonist. This version is available only in Chinese language. Donkey and Diddy Kong no longer stare to interest points and incoming hazards above or below the screen. Donkey Kong Country Returns ► Dolphin 5.0 | Wii Emulator Gameplay | HD.1080p 60ᶠᵖˢDolphin settings, links and PC specs below.New Emulator Channel! Hypnotized giraffe pulling Donkey's and Diddy Kong's stolen banana hoard. After completed once, every level can also be played in Time Attack mode. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong journey through eight different worlds to regain their stolen banana hoard: the Jungle, the Beach, the Ruins, the Cave, the Forest, the Cliff, the Factory and (finally) the Volcano. But if the player(s) leave(s) the level, all progress made until any checkpoint is lost, and the player(s) will start the level from the beginning again after returning to it. Donkey Kong Country Returns is the series' first traditional home console installment since Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (2005), and also the first Donkey Kong Country entry not to involve video game developer Rare during its development. Exclusive items to purchase for three Banana Coins in the, Hearts: Hearts measure Donkey's and Diddy's health. They observe machines that mash bananas and put them into wooden statues to form new Tikis, possibly to take over more than just Donkey Kong Island. They helped Mario safely cross the waters infested with Porcu-Puffers. The Tiki Tak Tribe awakes and they emerge from the molten rocks that are still airborne. Metroid Prime - Trilogy. After the cutscene, the player gets control. There is also a glitch with taking damage where the main characters may not be hurt by enemies/obstacles. Diddy Kong jumps out the window and athletically swings down to the ground via the planks of wood that hold the hut up. Just some minor lag. Sonic Colors. Conceptual artwork of animals hypnotized by the Tiki Tak Tribe. Dolphins are underwater creatures that appear in Mario Party 8 and Mario Party 9. Once the temple is completed, a mode called Mirror Mode will be unlocked. The Tiki tries again as Donkey Kong squints his eyes at him and then smiles, as he has found the culprit to why his hoard has gone missing. Super Paper Mario. In multiplayer mode, both players can participate in a level at the same time, but losing both characters spends two extra lives when they reappear at a checkpoint. The heroes can also pick up barrels and throw at enemies, however, it not longer possible to put the barrels back on the ground safely after they are grabbed, like in the previous games. The game freezes when waiting in a specific barrel to launch into another barrel that has a 1-up balloon rotating around it. He comments about the items he has in stock and sells them to the Kongs, in exchange for Banana Coins. Después de tanto investigar, pude hacer andar varios juegos, uno de ellos el Donkey Kong Country returns (no se si sabían que cada juego lleva una configuración diferente y … The tribe leaders then merge together to turn into giant hands for Tiki Tong to use. 326. Info[/color] I'm releasing my HD textures pack for Donkey Kong Country Returns. Gameplay captured through Dolphin emulation. There are four time rating medals the Kongs can get for each level: bronze, silver, gold, and the elusive shiny gold. 1. Red flags with the "DK" insignia next to the boss level indicate cleared worlds, except in the Cloud world. Support. The emulated version is very similar to the original Wii version, but the game resolution is upscaled to 1080 pixels (see. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. Download Donkey Kong Country Returns ROM for Nintendo Wii(Wii ISOs) and Play Donkey Kong Country Returns Video Game on your PC, Mac, Android or iOS device! The first seven bosses are not fought directly as Tikis possess the bodies of animals to do their dirty work: Mugly (possessed by Kalimba), the Scurvy Crew (possessed by the Maraca Gang), Stu (possessed by Gong-Oh), Mole Miner Max (possessed by Banjo Bottom), Mangoruby (possessed by Wacky Pipes), Thugly (possessed by Xylobone), and Colonel Pluck (possessed by Cordian). Join in and help us make this the best resource for Dolphin. Here is a list of glitches of Wii version. New Super Mario Bros Wii 2 - The Next Levels. The leaders are Krazy Kalimba, the Maraca Gang, Gong-Oh, Banjo Bottom, Wacky Pipes, Xylobone, Cordian and Tiki Tong - the Tiki Tak Tribe's leader. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hey guys! Both Donkey and Diddy Kong always move themselves at running speed. The Tiki plays its music, trying to hypnotize the ape, but Donkey Kong and the rest of the Kong Family are too intelligent and strong willed to be hypnotized by their music. The Kongs occasionally visit Cranky Kong in his several shops scattered around the island. By completing a Key Temple, the heroes get a Rare Orb. I have tried several games, such as wii sports restort and donkey kong country returns. One of the Kongs can then run up to the tribe leader and KO it with a total of one or more punches, knocking it into what appears to be space (After defeating a boss, if the player wait some seconds the Tiki Tak Tribe's leader will just fly away towards the screen in ominous way, ending the level). After defeating Tiki Tong, it is possible to rewatch the game credits in the, There is the Cloud world, an extra world with eight exclusive levels, all based in the previous worlds (see, The Cloud world exclusive levels now precede the. The Legend Of Zelda - Twilight Princess. Krazy Kalimba trying to hypnotize Donkey Kong. After the cutscene, the player gets control. 3DS New items and Levels Showcase Trailer. They can also both use the ground-pound ability and the blow ability to reveal secret items and open paths, as well as take out enemies that are on fire. Donkey Kong punches the Tiki out of his hut and walks outside (in two player, Diddy Kong double kicks the Tiki out of his hut). Upon arriving inside Tiki Tong Tower, Tiki Tong takes and eats Donkey Kong's banana hoard, spins it around him his mouth like a blender, and vomits it on to the tribe leaders, much to the Kongs' horror, disgust and confusion. Donkey and Diddy Kong falling down towards the moon.

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