General Assembly Space Academy Receive full or partial tuition reimbursement from your company. Job Description For Data Analytics Posted By intellect engineering pte ltd For Singapore Location. The Masters data analytics program can either be taken through a one-year full-time coursework or a two-year part-time program. The National University of Singapore’s DSA Program emphasizes on the application of data science and analytics at more prominent industries in Singapore such as biomedical sciences, healthcare, manufacturing, e-commerce, and many more. Admissions team “I learned and did things over the last 10 weeks I never thought I'd be able to do on my own, nor would I opt to do on my own. Data Analytics is our best entry-level course for professionals wanting to develop analysis skills that can be applied in a wide range of business contexts. Enroll Now! In 2012, Harvard Business Review labelled Data Scientist as “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century” because of the continuously growing opportunities under various industries, mainly business and technology. Next Course Starts On. Bootcamp for Data Science & Analytics Course Singapore. A language of big data, R's statistical programming helps to describe, mine, and test relationships between large amounts of data. Thousands of GA alumni use their course certificate to demonstrate skills to employers and their Linkedin network. Individuals will benefit from the flexible, applied learning approach of the Certification Programme. While 1-week students will concentrate on their capstone piece, 10-week students will complete two additional, smaller projects that designed to reinforce what you’ve learned in each unit. Concentrate on the most important tools for performing data analysis on the job. We can send you an employer sponsorship package to show your manager the advantages of learning with GA. Join us for 10 weeks in the evenings, or dive into in-depth study in our 1-week, accelerated course. Data Science And Analytics Course in Singapore. Many success stories have been shared on how data analytics can help organizations make better decisions, including understanding their customers better, predicting outcomes, understanding public sentiments on the social media, and optimizing resources to achieve … Individuals will benefit from the flexible, applied learning approach of the Certification Programme. We encourage you to tackle a problem that’s related to your work or a passion project you’ve been meaning to carve out time for. The study covers the time period of 2013–2018. Dr. Guo Lei . Get guidance, feedback, and more from experts who are dedicated to supporting your learning and career goals. This two days WSQ R Fundamental and Statistical Analysis for Beginners Course will show you how to use R to model statistical relationships using graphs, calculations, tests, and other analysis tools. Regardless of their backgrounds, this program attracts a community of eager learners who are interested in manipulating large data sets to solve problems. This course covers a concise introduction on business analytics and how it is applied in our workplace. Impact: “I have seen business initiatives that were prototyped during the class put into production. Depending on your location, classes meet twice per week in the evenings or all day on Saturday. 10 weeks … It truly opened my world and confirmed my love for data analytics. Justin is an active participant in the digital analytics community. Combined with the explosive growth in data especially on the Internet via Social Media, there is a growing demand for graduates who are able to harness the data for business decision making in this service economy. Combined with the explosive growth in data especially on the Internet via Social Media, there is a growing demand for graduates who are able to harness the data for business decision making in this service economy. Digital marketers, sales managers, product managers, UX researchers, and others who deal with large volumes of data on a daily basis. At the end of the course, graduates will be certified as a professional data analyst with an industry-recognised certificate from WILEY. Make sure to review them properly and choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences. Includes a capstone project. Upgrade their analytical skills from simple BI reporting to more advanced data analytics techniques; Being able to use analytics to make sense of your workforce’s data and metrics will help differentiate you with regards to strategic HR . You can read about the data analytics certification courses here. Explore into the world of analytics and leverage on technology to make sense from the data. If you need to miss a session or two, we offer resources to help you catch up. Course Dates. Build a data-driven organisation. GA’s Data Analytics course is well-regarded by many top employers, who contribute to our curriculum and use our data courses to train their own teams. Specialist Diploma in Business and Big Data Analytics — Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), 53 Questions with Erica, in Singapore on exchange (NUS), How to Save Money: 15 Simple Ways to Increase Your Savings, Nanyang Technological University - Campus Tour, Open House 2019, Singapore Management University - Campus Tour, Open House 2019. Problem: To continue gathering and analysing unprecedented amounts of data at market speed, Bloomberg sought to evolve the knowledge and skills of employees on its Global Data team. Download WSQ - Data Analytics and Visualization with Python Brochure. Our instructors represent the best and brightest senior analysts from top companies like Atlassian, Capital One, and Deloitte. The modules under these data analytics certifications are tabulated below: Post-Diploma Certificate in Business Analytics, Post-Diploma Certificate in Big Data Analytics, Post-Diploma Certificate in Big Data Management, Big Data Management Essentials (30 hours), Statistics and Analytics Techniques (30 hours), Infrastructure System for Big Data Processing (30 hours), Parallel Computing for Big Data (30 hours), (Tabulated from: You will understand how cutting-edge businesses use data to optimize marketing, maximize revenue and make operations efficient. There you have it! Our Remote courses offer a learning experience that mirrors GA’s on-campus offerings but allow you to learn from the comfort of home! PDC 1 Certificate in Fundamentals of Data Science, Module 1 – Introduction to Statistics for Data Science, Module 2 – Introduction to Programming for Data Science, (Tabulated from: If you don’t live near a GA campus, have a busy travel schedule, or just want to save yourself the commute, a Remote course could be a good option for you, if available in your market. 3 hours of self-paced pre-work to brush up on data wrangling in Excel before the course begins. Below are the courses that you will take under the Masters data analytics program: MH6301 Information Retrieval and Analysis (3AU), MH8311 Stochastic Processes for Data Science (1.5AU), MH8321 Statistical Modelling and Data Analysis (1.5AU), MH8322 Uncertainty and Dependence (1.5AI), MH8331 Financial and Risk Analytics I (1.5AU), MH8332 Financial and Risk Analytics II (1.5AU), MH8131 Probability and Statistics (1.5AU), MH8341 Data Management and Business Intelligence (1.5AU), (Tabulated from: For the Singapore Polytechnic's Specialist Diploma in Data Science, if you are currently employed and require basic analytics skills for your job (some examples of industries that may require data analytics knowledge include the government, banking, insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing, retail, etc. Our data analytics course will provide participants with understanding of how cutting-edge businesses use data to optimize marketing, maximize revenue, make operations efficient, and make hiring and management decisions so that you can apply these strategies to your own company or business.. Starting her career in Singapore as a marketing practitioner, Dr Guo worked across manufacturing, entertainment and education industries. Please View Lecture 4 - Data Modeling - Multi-Dimensional Analysis_Star Schema.pdf from SDE 102 at Singapore University of Social Sciences. Some Data Analytics graduates who have existing programming knowledge may go on to enrol in a Data Science course and learn more complex analysis techniques involving computation. Masters of Science (MSc) in Analytics — Nanyang Technological University (NTU), 2. So, let’s first take a look at some of the most leading data analytics courses in Singapore you can choose from. Here is your opportunity to enroll in the Data Analytics course in Singapore and learn all about Data Analytics, including SQL database, R programming, SAS, etc. Nowadays, data analytics is extensively applied to a lot of industries and sectors globally. Data scientists are constantly seeking patterns and predicting outcomes from these vast collections of data. SAS is the leader in analytics. Data is an integral part of every successful business. HR Analytics Course trains Human Resource Professionals to sieve through massive HR data and make use of analytics to process them for greater effectiveness and efficiency in your hiring practices. Create connections with peers that last well beyond your time in the classroom. Specialist Diploma in Data Science (Data Analytics) — Singapore Polytechnic (SP), 5. Designed for students with a variety of professional backgrounds and experience levels — including beginners — this course takes a deep dive into the data analytics process: collection, cleaning, analysis, and visualisation. We recommend you discuss any planned absences with your instructor. You’ll gain a common vocabulary to start collaborating with classmates on day one. Big Data Analysis Overview. Upgrade your skills for personal development and career advancement with the relevant and practical courses we have designed for you. Certification. Held in Singapore. By providing us with your email, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Upgrade your skills for personal development and career advancement with the relevant and practical courses we have designed for you. Build confidence and credibility to apply this versatile skill set to countless jobs. This part-time data science course will provide you with the strong foundation skills to analyse data, which is the key to success in future business, digital media and science. Refresh and refine your knowledge throughout your professional journey as needed. Data Analytics courses from top universities and industry leaders. There are a total of 12 data analytics courses under the Masters Data Analytics program and these primarily revolve around 3 main disciplines: Accounting Foundation, Data Technology, and Accounting Analytics. GA’s analytics advisory board curates the best practices and innovative teaching approaches of our entire expert network to meet evolving employer demands. A portfolio-ready capstone project built with support from your instructor. Career-starters looking for a practical skill set to boost their resumes. Data Analytics certification training course in Singapore co-developed with ️Purdue University ️IBM helps you learn Python, R, Machine Learning, Tableau & more. Regardless of industry, companies need to learn how to harness data to make critical decisions. ... Singapore. Classes focus on practical applications of data analytics so you start gaining experience in applying data analytics to real life situations even before getting certified. Two e-certificates will be awarded to trainees who have demonstrated competency in the WSQ Python Data Analytics and Visualization assessment and achieved at least 75% attendance. What’s more, with Singapore’s emergence as an international Data and Analytics hub, you will be in the best position to land a rewarding career as a big data professional. These are the offered courses under the data analytics degree program: DSA4211 High-Dimensional Statistical Analysis, DSA4212 Optimisation for Large-Scale Data-Driven Inference, DSA426x Sense-making Case Analysis: YY and ZZ, List B1 — DSA-recognised modules (no hidden pre-requisites), ST3232 Design and Analysis of Experiments, ST4231 Computer Intensive Statistical Methods, List B2 — DSA-recognised modules (with hidden pre-requisites), CS3243 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, CS4225 Big Data Systems for Data Science or Massive Data Processing Techniques, CS4231 Parallel and Distributed Algorithms, CS4243 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, (Tabulated from:

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