One of the most popular heirloom tomatoes is the Cherokee Purple. Apart from the size, expect striking fruits, which typically have red and yellow streaks. Here is another beefsteak-style tomato that is known for is sweetness and low acid content. It takes about 85 days for the plant to reach full maturity. One of their most desirable qualities is that they provide a regular supply of tomatoes, instead of just giving you one grand harvest. The sun may sometimes influence the color by darkening it, but the plant produces superbly tasting fruits steadily throughout the season. If you're interested in exploring the different types, you'll want to learn about the best heirloom tomato varieties. German Johnson tomatoes have a balance between sweet and tart, along with minimal seeds and crack-resistant skins. This is one of the most productive indeterminate tomatoes. Marie Iannotti. Many gardeners have heard the term but don't really know what it means. Tomato Amish Paste. Tomatoes can come from a 15-foot vine, or from a compact plant that is comfortable living in a pot on … This variety has excellent disease resistance, which all gardeners can appreciate. Hailing from Madison County, Hugh’s tomatoes are some of the highly sorted by both gardeners and enthusiasts. These dwarf tomatoes have been around since the late 19th century if you can imagine that. Now, is the time to get your seeds or plants on order. This heirloom tomato variety matures fully in about 90 days. Let’s note that the definition of heirloom tomatoes is somewhat debatable. Although it is sweet, it has a hint of citrusy. Space is limited so an heirloom variety with good yield is what Im looking for.  In case your garden is not very spacious; dwarf tomatoes would be perfect for you. Tiger Paw is a good indeterminate that is characterized by a thin skin. And the sweet, almost citrus-like flavor is simply divine. If you have never tried growing a dwarf tomato, then this is a classic one to try. Heirloom tomatoes are defined to be open-pollinated varieties and they survive 1-2 generations. For those farmers and gardeners who prefer succulent and meaty tomatoes. Here is another indeterminate variety of tomatoes with a pinkish-hue skin. Among the listed heirloom tomatoes in this article, you can easily find one that meets your needs. Unlike modern hybrid varieties, heirloom tomatoes come true from seed, making them easy to share. You need orange tomatoes, because those ones have the highest levels of … Besides being meaty and juicy, they have sweet lingering taste, especially when used on sandwiches. They are much tastier than many of the red tomatoes. Not all tomato varieties are ideal for slicing, but Brandywine is known for being a perfect slicer. When she’s not on the land, Amber loves informing people of new ideas/things related to gardening, especially Indoor gardening, houseplants and Growing plants in a small space. Want to Download a ​Garden Hack Guide​ for FREE. Are you planning on selling tomatoes at the farmers market this summer? A tomato crop can come all at once, or it can produce throughout the season. Here is an heirloom tomato variety that originated in Greece. Scott Daigre of Tomatomania!, the traveling heirloom pop-up. All of them are beefsteak-type tomatoes with a creamy texture with low-acid content and a rich flavor. Are you looking for a slicing tomato? Its fruits come with some variations in color and weigh about 8-12 ounces. If you only have a small space for growing but still want to grow heirloom varieties. That's right! Most on this list are popular enough that they can be found at a variety of sources … The tomatoes can be eaten fresh or preserved, but make sure you provide a stake or trellis for support. They're seriously delicious. This is an indeterminate tomato plant known for its cherry gold-colored tomatoes. There is no hard and fast answer to what are the best heirloom tomatoes. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Though it has a sweet taste, you can also savor its fading citrus taste. Native Area: South America USDA Growing Zones: 1–13 Height: 5–7 feet tall You will need a trellis or some sort of support system to grow these. Of all of the heirloom tomato varieties on this list, this is by far the most rare. Here is a bush tomato plant that takes about 85 days to reach full maturity. if anyone had tried the heirloom roma varieties or had any heirloom varieties that were abundant producers. Gardeners naturally want a tomato that's going to produce huge crops. Black Russian tomato plants have reddish-brown skin, meaty flesh, and a smoky flavor - so delicious! As a tomato enthusiast, you probably like to grow different varieties and gauge their performance. Do you want a yellow tomato? They are a great way to enjoy tomato flavor fast! The Tigerella is a big producer. Thessaloniki tomatoes are known for being bountiful with impressive yields and beautiful, red, round fruits. Heirloom tomatoes typically are bred to do well in very specific areas and climates. As part of this Amazon Associates program, the Website will post customized links, provided by Amazon, to track the referrals to their website. It takes about 85 days to reach maturity, but when they do, expect large, one-pound fruits with neon-green flesh. These generally produce a crop sometime between 40 and 70 days after transplanting them into the garden. Heirlooms are open-pollinated plants grown from seed saved by gardeners and farmers. As the lineages are passed down throughout the ages, their flavor becomes even stronger. IMPORTANT NOTE: Tomatoes are a hot weather crop. These indeterminate heirloom tomatoes have a purplish color mixed with green. You can expect these to be ready for harvest in about 80 days. Gardeners adore Cherokee Purple due to its disease resistance and ability to handle dry spells well. Take a look at this winter's top ten favorite heirloom tomato varieties and let them inspire your upcoming garden. The fruits produced by these plants have a consistent size. These are the kind of tomatoes that grow to a particular matched size within a single season and ripen uniformly in a fortnight. This indeterminate plant has a variety of flavors, but mostly, the fruits are sweet and you can harvest them in 85 days after transplanting. Now, there are REASONS a body has to have 26 varieties of heirloom tomatoes. This tomato is a knockout and a showstopper in the garden and the kitchen, taking 80 to maturity. You will be all smiles as you harvest your tomato fruits weighing up to 2 pounds. Buffalosun tomatoes are a beautiful combination of yellow, orange, and red, and have a high yield with minimal cracking (splitting skin on … You’re growing a piece of history. Yellow Pear is a disease-resistant plant that produces small, snack-sized tomatoes shaped like pears throughout your growing season. A Green thumb Gardener favorite that makes it into the garden every year. These fruits are large, up to two pounds each. The Pear Red tomato is yet another tasty and spicy flavored indeterminate tomato. They make a delicious BLT sandwich! There’s an heirloom tomato that is shaped like a heart called Hungarian Heart. You can expect to harvest this tomato variety in about 80 days. So, instead of harvesting all within a few weeks, indeterminate tomatoes will spread out the harvest. These types of tomatoes carry a heavy load of fruits, so it is extremely important to provide additional support for them through caging. You must admit this tomato has an interesting name. This program utilizes cookies to track visits for the purposes of assigning commission on these sales. You can save these seeds! Its fruits have a dusty-rose brown color which can be up to 12 ounces. The tomatoes are red in color and very sweet, with a good balance of tartness. Now, I'm not going to share these from best to worse or vice versa. The Tigerella is a gorgeous tiger striped heirloom with bright red and orange stripes. Impossible to say, with so many varieties and different tastes (Tomatomania is offering 300 varieties … . If you’re tired of growing the same old, basic tomatoes, try growing one or more of the best heirloom tomato varieties in your garden. You can find orange, white, pink, and even black tomatoes! However, in case it is your first time growing tomatoes, you can’t go wrong with the heirloom varieties. The fruit size can be compared with that of grapes. Even in the city—even on a balcony—you can grow them in containers. This is because an heirloom tomato variety that tastes and grows wonderfully in one area may not do well at all in another area. Amish paste tomatoes are typically plum-shaped and can plump up to 8 to 12 ounces, so they perform best when staked.. This tomato plant bears large, red fruits with strains of green. With staking, this tomato plant performs exemplary. Thessaloniki tomatoes mature in 60-80 days, so you could have a harvest sooner than average. There are a ton of great tomato varieties out there, these are the ones I have tried and loved over the years. Please log in again. However, VR Moscow is a bushy, determinate tomato plant that matures in 80-90 days. These tomatoes take 80 days to reach maturity. The fruits take 54 days to grow and ripen. So, why are heirloom tomatoes the better choice? If so, you'll love Great White tomatoes, which are a high-yield, indeterminate plant. The determinate tomatoes are thriving in hot and humid areas. Most outbound links are affiliate links - we may receive commission. Incredibly high production. You’ll fall in love with these tomatoes. If you spent enough time looking at seed catalogs, you could probably find 100 varieties solely of big pink heirlooms that compare to ‘Brandywine’. It’s worth the effort for these sweet tomatoes. Now, I'm not going to share these from best to worse or vice versa. Known for its high productivity, the Tiger Paw is a pale yellow heirloom tomato plant. Once you plant it in your garden, you should be able to pluck your first tomatoes in just 75 days. As an Amazon associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Since it takes them quite a while to grow, they don’t ripen as fast as determinate tomatoes. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. It’s an indeterminate variety that produces one to two-pound fruits, which is quite impressive. Before we list some of the best, let’s look at the various tomato categories. The plants take 80-90 days to reach full maturity. To get ripe tomatoes early from these varieties, you must be growing them in ideal tomato-growing temperatures of above 50º at night and 70º or above in the daytime. Pineapple tomato plants produce large, yellow-orange beefsteak tomatoes with pink streaks inside and out. Dr. Wyche’s tomatoes have a great balance between sweetness and acidic with minimal seeds and a silky-smooth texture. This heirloom variety takes about 80 days to harvest. She holds a master's degree in horticulture from University of California as well as an BS in Biology City College of San Francisco. So, they make quite a beautiful tomato in your garden. Since these tomatoes are large, it's best to provide the plant with stakes or a trellis to get the support needed. Believe it or not, White Beauty tomatoes developed in the 1850s, so they’re a piece of history. The fruits ripen throughout the season as it is an indeterminate tomato. This indeterminate tomato takes 85 days to fully mature for harvesting. I can't decide which is the best variety of heirloom tomato to get for heavy production. It is a large meaty fruit that averages about 1-2lb and is a deep reddish pink hue. This is an indeterminate tomato that bugged the SSEs 2012 tomato-tasting award. Here is another good choice for canning, and German Johnson has dark pink fruit rather than the classic red color. No wonder most farmers and gardeners can barely get enough of these plants. The fruits of this plant are buttery and sweet. When it comes to planting tomatoes, you should go for the variety that can at least meet your expectations. It is red in color and easily produces compact plants. It has a very meaty interior and don’t mind a heavy yield, then go for these ones. Check out this post here if you want 3 simple ways to save tomato seeds. They only grow to a maximum of 3 ft and bear fruits that come in different colors, shape, and sizes. Instead, they’re perfectly balanced. For small garden owners, the new big dwarf will impress you with its pink tomato fruit. This would be the ideal tomato plant for you to grow. What sets it apart from other tomato varieties is that it is a high yielder. This type of tomato plant falls within the indeterminate category. If you're looking for new varieties of heirloom tomatoes to plant and grow, you won't go wrong with any of these types. These meaty red tomatoes have fewer seeds and thicker walls than most tomatoes. Extremely flavorful with a mild taste. Roma tomatoes or Italian plum tomatoes, as they’re popularly famous for, are tangy and full of taste.They are dense, meaty, and have low moisture content with few seeds, making them perfect for pastes and sauces. Heirloom tomatoes One of the most diverse areas of tomato varieties are the heirlooms. You do need to provide a stake. This tomato plant produces orange-yellow fruits with a little bit of red.

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