You can enrol directly from the comfort of your own screen using our custom-built digital enrolment engine - it's faster, effortless and uniquely affordable. You can hate your AIA insurance agent very much. You can also buy an ILP such as whole life insurance to get a comprehensive insurance coverage in a single premium, with a medical rider add-on. It reimburses your medical expenses such as pre and post-hospitalisation charges, intensive care services etc. Medic Plus supplements your hospitalization and surgical insurance, with renewal guaranteed after 12 months without a claim. I'll need to ask you a few more questions to complete your application. Enjoy uninterrupted access to medical care now and after you retire - up to 85 years old. by Shirleen Tan We’ve compiled the best credit cards in Malaysia for 2019. That said, if you would like to get some advice on your medical card needs, or if you already have a card and are not sure if you’re fully covered, let us know and we’ll put you in contact with a few people we trust for our own needs. Let's connect on WhatsApp! What it means by “non-guaranteed” is because of medical inflation and other lifestyle and health factors, an insurance company may or may not renew your health insurance plan. Coverage While Travelling Abroad – Supreme Assist. We take a look at the most popular medical cards in Malaysia and try to assist you in deciding which gives you the best value. Let’s assume Ann from our earlier example goes for scenario 2 and she’s never made any claims, she will be looking at approximately RM141.82 refund which will credited into her account value, where she can either withdraw the money to use in her day to day life or she can leave it in the policy and allow it to grow for her. So long as the consultations and tests are related to the same illness of what you end up getting hospitalised for and are within the time period that the medical card gives, you will be covered. Although group insurance coverage is a voluntary benefit by employer, having a Group Term as part of your employment benefits is a good start. It means that getting a fever diagnosis with medicines and medical certificate at a private clinic can easily cost you more than RM100 per visit. Unlimited Lifetime Cover You never have to worry about insufficient medical cover during the … What does this supposed to mean? Now that you have a a general overview of some of the most important benefits with medical cards, you can see how complicated it can be. When it comes to ICU room and board allocation, the best options are: If you or a loved one gets admitted to the hospital, a family member or a friend will be able to get reimbursed a certain amount of money for food and accommodation to accompany the person who got admitted to the hospital. Maybank 2 Gold/Platinum Cards. The Best Medical Card In Malaysia, "No Lifetime Limit " views TS Brother Nick: Mar 20 2010, 04:41 PM, updated 8y ago. Let’s go into each one in depth. It’s when your insurance helps pay for your hospital & treatment bills – depending on what your plan covers. To make it easier for you, we’ve created a quick navigation for Allianz MediSafe Infinite Plus: Allianz Medisafe Infinite Plus now offers you up to RM2,500,000 as an annual limit. Medical insurance comes in 2 options: (1) standalone with no frills medical policy, (2) medical rider attached to a life insurance plan such as an investment-linked policy. We take a look at the most popular medical cards in Malaysia and try to assist you in deciding which gives you the best value. The annual limit is something that you have to be very aware of. Choice of the best medical card. It’s important to keep yourself protected. You will get access to top experts from around the world to assist you with your medical decision making. However, as the insurance industry is a highly competitive one, other companies might have launched better medical card plans. With a professional Allianz agent, he/she will be able to help you adjust the coverage terms based on your needs and budget. paying claims. ManuHealth Elite. Apply for a medical card on RinggitPlus for exclusive gifts; ... outpatient and other medical benefits. In some cases, you would still need to go back to the hospital for either treatment of consultation after your initial treatment. Ensure that you have sufficient medical coverage with AIA - the best health insurance company in Malaysia. The Certificate of Excellence is a yearly honour given out to Best insurance and takaful agents in Malaysia. It can be as low as RM 60 per night (if you are okay sharing the room with 3 other people) to as high as RM 900 per night (if you are staying in a suite). What if you don’t even have a personal medical card with zero deductible? There is no lifetime limit on the outpatient treatments for both cancer and kidney dialysis, and this would allow a policyholder to enjoy peace of mind when it comes to medical bills should one have to undergo such treatment. Either case, you should make an educated choice on what health insurance would be used to provide medical protection to you as well as to your family members. Rider Recommendation: Ease your burden with a medical card that pays 100% of your medical bills. Here, you can find instant quotes to some of the best medical cards offered in the market. Great Eastern Life began its operations in 1908 and has been established for over 111 years. This benefit allows you or a loved one to go around and get different consultations and tests from different professionals before you commit to any of the doctor’s recommendations. When it comes to hospital room and board allocation, the best rates are: If you or a loved one needs intensive treatment (for serious diseases or injuries), you will be placed in the intensive care unit and will be constantly monitored and supported by a specialised team. The benefit will allow policyholders to cover the costs of travel expenses in the event of an emergency abroad. However, there is another option, and that option is to get insurance. I know that there is at least one insurance company which offers a medical card without this feature. Featured. Bhd. Though the trend has been that it has been going up significantly. The agents are good in recommending plans that are suitable for saving for my children's future as well as getting them medical card. Allianz will offer you up to RM250 per day for up to 150 days for each disability during that person’s life. Smart Medic Xtra is the go-to medical card from Great Eastern as it offers comprehensive coverage for hospitalisation and gives high coverage to policyholders for their hospital bills. This can be attributed to the health system in Malaysia. Find the Best Agents on iBanding. There are 6 plans you can choose from, with each showing an annual premium according to the age band. Compared to medical rider, the cash value (from your savings and investment) is covering the difference between cost of insurance and actual premium as you age. 1. BEST MEDICAL CARDS IN MALAYSIA Don't let expensive hospital fees stop you from receiving the medical treatment you deserve. Customisable room and board limits: Four configurations are available:*. Having a medical card means all my medical treatment costs are paid for. Either case, you should make an educated choice on what health insurance would be used to provide medical protection to you as well as to your family members. You will have the flexibility to choose from RM5,000, RM10,000 or RM30,000 deductibles levels with Retirement Option at age 60. I agree to be contacted by RinggitPlus via WhatsApp regarding my application, AXA Affin SmartCare Optimum Plus Medical Card, RHB Insurance MediSure Supreme Insurance Medical Card, MPI Generali Multi Medi-Plus Medical Card, Great Eastern Smart Extender Max Medical Card, MSIG Healthcare International Insurance Medical Card, Hong Leong Assurance MedGLOBAL IV Plus Medical Card, Tokio Marine Premier MedicPartner Medical Card, MPI Generali Multi Medical Protector Medical Card, Best Free Airport Lounge Access Credit Cards, Guide to Buying Your First Insurance Plan. You can see that there is an instant saving of RM960 a year! If you or a loved one needs intensive treatment (for serious … If at 25 years old you signed up for a medical card at RM372.06, it could be RM400, for example, when you turn 26 years. The best part about this cash-over-cover insurance plan is it is much more affordable than a rider medical card because it is a pure medical insurance plan. Buying a medical card is hard. Allianz has given you the option to determine your own coverage term, starting with a minimum of 20 years or until you are 100 years old. Because you are in constant need of support and care during this time, intensive care units (also known as ICUs) tend to be more expensive than the normal room and board. Back To Beginning of Allianz MediSafe Infinite+, What makes Allianz Medisafe Infinite+ unique is 5 main things: deductibles, no claim refunds, new cancer treatment options, the ability to customise your plan and allows for global expert medical opinion. Compare prices and features of the top medical plans from major insurers in Malaysia. With Allianz MediSafe+ you will also gain access to genomic testing for cancer which will provide information about your specific cancer and help doctors identify treatments that are most suitable for you. If you want to pay lower premiums, you should go for a higher deductible medical card. Although we cannot cover every single benefit, here are the most common benefits that you should consider when deciding what medical card to get. Best Deductible Medical Cards in Malaysia 2021 Need a second medical card with lower premiums? No Limit on Room & Board and ICU Stay "The family plan is so affordable and it offers a good rates. ... (Licensed under the Islamic Financial Services Act 2013 and regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia). When divided by 12 months, you are actually paying RM31 every month. Before we get into what makes this Allianz medical card one of the best medical cards in Malaysia, you need to be aware that it is a rider for their investment linked plan: Powerlink. There is no medical card issued for this Certificate. She decides to get a Plan 300 and a coverage up to 80 years old. Well with Allianz, you can. To increase the policy coverage in health insurance, a medical card is added on as a rider. However Allianz has now included new treatments such as targeted therapy, hormonal therapy and immunotherapy. These 4 medical cards would most likely be ideal for the average person who is young and healthy. Quoting Antony Lee, the Chairman of The General Association of Insurance Malaysia (PIAM), as saying: “Medical inflation has been on an upward trend with double-digit increases in recent years and is projected to reach 14% in 2019.”. Criteria 2: Room and Board for Intensive Care Unit, Criteria 5: Pre-Hospitalisation Consultation and Tests, Criteria 6: Post Hospitalisation Treatment, Learn More About Allianz MediSafe Infinite+, Everything You Need To Know About Allianz MediSafe Infinite+, What makes Allianz Medisafe Infinite+ Unique, Get Personal Support For Allianz MediSafe Infinite+, AIA – A Plus Med + with the A Plus Med Booster, Great Eastern – Smart Medic Xtra 99+ with other riders, Prudential hospital room and board will give you up to RM600 a day for up to 150 days within a policy year. This can be attributed to the health system in Malaysia. How much refund you are entitled to depends on the which % bracket you fall into and also the cost of insurance which you will be able to find out in your policy contract. However, in a more convenience way, upon hospital admission, you just present your identity card and inform the Panel hospital of your cover by Etiqa. New Member. In Malaysia, most medical and health plans are sold with investment-linked insurance products, so it’s easy to mix up your medical card with other insurance policies. See below example on how a personal medical card might do you a favour, even though you are covered by company Group Term: In the diagram above, the deductible amount of RM30,000 is covered by your Group Term first, instead of your own money, whereas the remaining balance is covered by your personal medical card. You might be willing to live in Malaysia as an expat or you could be a Malaysian citizen. 4 Comprehensive and Affordable Malaysian E-Medic Cards to Consider Today 1. When comes to payment, I can easily pay with their multiple payment channels." Unless you are settled on relying heavily to the public healthcare system, having a health insurance coverage is a necessity nowadays. If however, your need to be in the intensive care unit is over, but you still need to stay in the hospital, you will start using your hospital room and board and not your ICU days. So if that is okay for you, let’s get started. The most important highlight that differentiates a Standalone from Medical Rider is the premium cost; Standalone medical card is way cheaper compared to a rider for several reasons: Choosing the right medical card for yourself and/or family members requires a strategic financial planning. Compare best medical cards offering cashless admissions with flexible benefits and paying 100% of your medical bills, from major insurers in Malaysia. Looking to protect your family and loved ones with comprehensive medical coverage? When you have moved up a ladder in your career and life, always review your insurance plan(s) by increasing coverage limit, adding on critical illness insurance or personal accident insurance. Great Medic Xtra offers you a comprehensive medical plan with no co-insurance, providing you the protection you need against high medical cost. No waiting period for confirmed diagnosis. She decides to choose the 0 deductible option. A standalone medical card works as a term insurance, the coverage is activated every year as long as you pay the premium. In extreme cases, these expenses are RM100,000+ and can cause some serious stress on a family. But what makes these the top 4 medical cards, let’s get started. Even when you have not made any claim in your previous policy years, your standalone medical card premium will still increase due to age increment. I'll need to ask you a few more questions to complete your application. It really depends on how you look at it, but from what I know, Great Eastern Malaysia’s Smart Medic, which is offered as a rider under their various investment-linked plan is currently the medical card that offers the highest annual limit and lifetime limit in Malaysia.

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