In order to avoid these nasty surprises, you should perform an Arizona license plate lookup. This page was last edited on 11 January 2021, at 07:34. Originally had yellow serial; this was changed to black due to poor visibility. The law governing specialty plates … I notice a lot of license plates that start with CF/CE/CD in Arizona. License Year : Motorcycle : Truck / Commercial : Miscellaneous 1 : Miscellaneous 2 : Miscellaneous 3 : Prestate State : Prestate City/County : Prestate Motorcycle : Login : HAWAII Starting number: Honolulu 1-000 (1922-25), 50-000 (1926-39), Hawaii 20-000, Maui 30-000, Kauai 40-000. license plates, measures, money, numbers, postal codes, postage stamps, railroads/trains, ships/boats, Social Security, stocks, telephone, temperature, time, and universal product codes. In 1927, letter prefixes began to be used on District of Columbia (as Washington D.C. was then known) license plates, with the letter "A" restricted to plates used by the district and federal governments. Arizona historic and classic car license plates are available for: You will need to pay both the historic/classic plate fee and standard registration or renewal fees. To apply for an Arizona license plate, you'll register your vehicle in person at a DMV office.To renew your tags, renew your vehicle registration either online, in person, by mail, or by phone.If you sell, trade, or donate your vehicle, you may be able to transfer your AZ tags to your next vehicle. The U.S. state of Arizona first required its residents to register their motor vehicles in 1912. (An example is shown here.) Now, which plate do you think is best suited for a 1959 set – one that was issued in 1958 and expired in 1959, or one that was issued in 1959 and expired in 1960? The ‘want list.’ Search. For application instructions, visit our Applying for Specialty License Plates in Arizona page. Truck began 1938. News from Rod Gough: The Alberta Government has undertaken a consultation to redesign the plates. In 1969, the state of Utah unveiled a new State Vehicle Exempt license plate that was used on the marked vehicles of the Utah Highway Patrol. The license plates are in lieu of the regular license plates issued by the department. Not included herein are those that are field specific or important only to specialists. ADOT currently offers plates for: You'll be required to submit evidence of your membership or job in emergency services when you apply for an emergency service plate in AZ. ASU plates jumped to the D series to avoid that overlap. McInnes, a wealthy banker in the Roswell area (Chaves County) had New Mexico license plate #3 from 1926 through the early 1950s. Oregon Motor Home License Plate - HC Prefix Tall, Waldale.jpg 4,698 × 2,349; 7.96 MB Oregon Pacific Wonderland license plate 2009.jpg 1,763 × 935; 882 KB Oregon Permanent Fleet License Plate - Text Below.jpg 3,178 × 1,589; 2.98 MB All Rights Reserved. Embossed steel. A registration number allows port and government authorities to identify your vessel while in use. Vanity Plates. Veteran license plate. You'll also pay personalized plate fees IN ADDITION to renewal fees when you renew your tag. WELCOME TO ARIZONA PLATES. All other 1944 license plates for cars in Illinois at the time were made of fibreboard. The largest German cities generally only have one letter codes (B=Berlin, M=Munich, K=Cologne (Köln), F=Frankfurt, L=Leipzig, S=Stuttgart), most other districts in Germany have two or three letter codes. Applying for Specialty License Plates in Arizona, How to Apply for Personalized Plates in Arizona. Awarded "Plate of the Year" for best new license plate of 2011 by the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association, the second time Arizona was so honored. DE Delaware. These are different from the standard format. M prefix followed by four numbers mostly in the 7000 to 9000 number bloc. These are different from the standard format. CT Connecticut. Problem 20. your own Pins on Pinterest M prefix followed by four numbers mostly in the 7000 to 9000 number bloc. Like many other license plate collectors, I'm working on a "birth year set", which is a collection of license plates from every state from the year I was born. Skip to content . This is not … 1962 Arizona license plate - CZA-972 (MVD Clear, Original Paint)license plate type: Passenger, condition: Very Good. An example would be the counties Ada and Adam that both start with the letter A. Alphabetically, Ada goes before Adam so Ada is given the license prefix of ‘1A’ while Adam becomes ‘2A’. T plates from 1942 are still a mystery. The registration numbers and special license plates assigned to the historic vehicles shall be manufactured from Arizona copper and shall run in separate unique numerical series. Keep reading for information about each plate type and examples of available tags. The ‘want list.’ Alabama Restricted. About. The fee for a vanity license plate is per year in addition to the normal annual registration fee for the vehicle. When the county number prefixes … Looking for Types of Special License Plates in another state? AC: Agriculture: FA: Federal Aviation Administraton: PWD: Public Works Dept. AK Alaska . I may not be alone in doing this in Arizona… Therefore, cities or … All other 1944 license plates for cars in Illinois at the time were made of fibreboard. AZ Arizona. At the time I applied for the VA7EWK plates, I searched for any Arizona license plates starting with the 4 normal Canadian callsign prefixes (VA, VE, VO, VY) and a digit following the prefix - to see if anyone else had done what I wanted to do. CO Colorado . High: BD9A reported by Willie C. Brock, Jr. on 2016-02-15. Passenger plates with three-letter prefixes are introduced. A reverse Arizona license plate lookup can help you to quickly and easily identify the owner of a license plate you may see on a suspicious vehicle or one that appears to be breaking the law. 1 Plate Issued. It was issued in 1954 as can be seen on the back with the embossed number 54. 3 to make the license plates. Roadguy spent a good chunk of this past week thinking about license plates. Arizona used to be noted for the unique variety and color of its license plates from the early years, into the copper years of 1932-34 and all the way thru the 20th century. Embossed steel. To see if your custom tag choice is available, use the ADOT online plate selector. Each boat registered in the state is given a registration number to prove that your boat has been legally registered. Serials became screened late in the T series. If you are planning to buy a car in Arizona, or are moving to this state, you will have to get your car registered and also acquire a license plate. license plates, measures, money, numbers, postal codes, postage stamps, railroads/trains, ships/boats, Social Security, stocks, telephone, temperature, time, and universal product codes. License Plates Arizona Vanity Home Decor Flagstaff Arizona Painted Makeup Vanity Homemade Home Decor Lowboy Reg Plates. A boat registration number acts like a boat’s license plate. See the ADOT website for complete details about: Subscribe to stay in the loop & on the road! Wally spotted C0094. A few other states also issued special plates for federal government vehicles. Iowa, along with Arizona and Nebraska, debuted the use of county code prefixes on plates in 1922, a law enforcement tool ultimately used by more than half the states. First series used older dies. AL Alabama . Honolulu issued #10-000 12/18/1922. FL Florida . There are five area codes used for Arizona telephone numbers: 928, 480, 602, 623, and 520. Letters J through Y (excluding O, Q and U) were used in the A-12345 format. As a mining state, Arizona was fist to use copper to manufacture license plates beginning in 1932, although copper colored plates were used as far back as 1916. Wyoming license plate numbers begin with a prefix number that designates the county in which the vehicle is registered.

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