[*] Fixed issue when an initially hidden crosshair comes back after hovering on interaction objects and stays all the time. Unique DLs - Total DLs - Version. [+] Look Down Pitch Zoom - Distance of the camera when aiming below. Higher means bigger distance overlap at one scroll step. [+] 3rd Person Camera: Sneaking Vertical. its own iHUD patch), 5. Added AIM FIX automatic standby mode during the intro sequence (Helgen): if you start a new game the AIM FIX will be inactive (including MCM) until you escape Helgen. So when enabled you will get Ranged camera behavior only when you swap spell to a right hand or equip a dual magic. Automated bot comment | Info | Feedback. This actions no need to be performed in case if you are activating all mods at once by loading a clean save or starting a new game. Have an enjoyable playthrough ;). Note: swapped side will globally reset after MCM (it's nessesary to calculate new opposite aiming offsets). when both mods hooks the same keys or game events). [+] Camera Field of View - Adjusts coverage degree of visible scene. Page 87 of 87 - AIM FIX - combat camera with aiming control and exclusive crosshair fix - posted in File topics: In response to post #89107873. Please use your mod manager's mods list (not plugins list) and place/activate them in appropriate order: The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. SmoothCam - Modern Camera Preset (SE) 8.9. Date uploaded. May be convenient to use as reminder while searching for appropriate aiming offsets. Please don't pay attention on the crosshair dissapearings even when it hovered - it's made specially to minimize the script load to almost zeroed. [+] Improved stability on mod initialization (first load): fixed "MCM does not appear" problem, and in case if it still happens you can read the documentation on the mod page which contain instructions. [+] Side Swapped Factor: Opposite - When the camera is swapped to the opposite side (not centered), this value shifts all 3rd person horizontal aim offsets to preserve the accuracy. [+] New option "Process 'Sneak' Key - disabling this hook will cause AIM FIX to stop capturing and processing the Sneak hotkey (default key are Ctrl) to suit needs of some another mod, if you consciously want it. 또한 Achievements Mods Enabler, SSE Fixes, Scrolling Doesn't Switch POV 같은 모드들을 통합해놨다. Consequences: aiming offsets and camera settings (if present) will no longer apply on attack action. * Renamed "Advanced Aiming" feature into "Aim Fix". Now after in-game uninstall the stealth meter will take its initial position in according with the vanilla UI or custom UI (if it available). AIM FIX Combat Camera mod version history. How it works: as soon as you disable all MCM-switches of mentioned options the AIM FIX mod will stop processing related events and hotkeys, so no need to tweak it manually. [+] Ranged NPC Accuracy Degree - Accuracy percentage of NPC ranged attacks. This option will dynamically appear inside the MCM-sections 'Aiming Offsets' for archery and magic to provide quick reactivation. 즉 이 모드 하나만 사용해도 나열한 모드들을 사용할 필요가 없다. Changes from v1.2-A1-M1 (2018-07-19) to v1.2-A1-M2 (2018-07-31): The 3PCO++ now have a new version suffix "M1" - it's a first iteration of "WarMage & Staves" feature (the previous one was the "A1" - "Archer" ). Report Save. Note on installating a custom UI mod on a saved game whene the AIM FIX is already active: 1. I personally use Combat Gameplay Overhaul as it also adds many other features. After you get out of cave and Alduin will fly far away (the Unbound quest completes) you will see the AIM FIX welcome message, the camera will apply its defaul settings, and the MCM will become active. [*] Horizontal camera posotion tweak: position of the melee camera is initially swapped to center despite the actual horizontal value in the MCM is 50 (same as the exploration camera). +PapyrusUtil SE - Modders Scripting Utility Functions; 209. Free Look (SE) 8.8. [*] Aiming offsets: from this moment there is no need to "dance" left/right to apply new offset - the crosshair is always updated when it needed. I have been trying fix it for 2 days now and Havent figured it out yet any help is welcome. In future versions of AIM FIX mod this mechanism may be improved and will cover more options. Internal game parameters of such NPC dodging behavior being absorbed on first mod init and reverted back upon in-game uninstall. It keeps shifting back and forth to have the crosshair … 1. Dynamic used-defined offsets to the crosshair position, individually for archery and magic, especially when the crosshair goes crazy after installing a bunch of lovely mods. +Unique Flowers and Plants SSE; 207. for any weapon / spell during sheathing / drawing / eqipping (incl. Archery Combat Overhaul normally changes the horizontal and vertical values to better suit the camera for shooting a bow, but those changes it makes are based on vanilla camera settings. - Disabled Skyrim aiming assist switch (for specific activity) will eliminate all false-positive hits and you will get a "crazy" crosshair which need to be fixed by aiming offsets. Im using it with 3PCO. Makes aiming accurate out of the box. after equipping in favorites/inventory menus). [*] Fixed position recovery of a custom UI's stealth meter position after settings reset and in-game uninstall (discovered thanks to Psyphie). Version. [-] Aiming offsets: removed dual attack offsets for spells and staves - they are no longer needed because of a new handling mechanism for magic offsets (described above). Consequences: Smooth camera follow will no longer function until you enable this feature again. So nothing compicated, you can change this value any time. Automated bot comment | Info | Feedback. For inexperienced players it's recommended to enable them all. 2. Changes: [*] Less operations comparing to vanilla crosshair (only vanilla crosshair will be forced during sneaking since the custom crosshair is always active). Fixed v2.1 issue (discovered thanks to f0restGG): unstable work and CTD at the intro sequence in Helgen (more description about changes below at p.2.2). [*] Fixed minor error appeared in the papyrus logs for smoothcamerafollow.psc: "error: (00000014): cannot fetch variable...", discovered thanks to masal57. Please, let me know I you find some horseback animation mod which works and at least allows to fire using spells. IS there any 3rd camera mod that is as close as to vanilla but better and enjoyable in combat. Safe to use . [*] Optimized Smooth Camera Follow: now the camera will start following fast & fluid and less stuck on the opposite side on stop strafing. As soon you turn camera away the crosshair dissapears. Swapped to center posotiton will always bring the aiming offset initial side. [+] MCM: improved MCM hints (appearing below): now they also contain technical info about specific game parameters being changed (e.g. [+] MCM section - Exploration Activity (no weapon/spell drawn/equipped - ex. Regular enemies side movement still persists and not being changed. (*such situations may still happen because of papyrus itself, this behavior will be optimized from ver to ver as possible). Dodge mechanism is essential for combat to feel super cool and action packed. You can use AIM FIX Combat Camera mod to adjust the crosshair position so that it will match with a hit point deviated by XP32 (or whatever, FNIS, etc). AIM FIX lite - small fixes and optimizations to the scripts. Dynamically lowered stealth meter will always get absorbed custom UI position, so you don't feel the difference but will have more control over the crosshair. [+] Melee Camera for Left Handed Magic - duplicates the one in the Ranged Activity section since this parameter is global and related to Melee/Ranged toggle. = your problem is not related to AIM FIX Lite because it's crosshair mod, not camera, so please address your question to another mod author. +Take Notes - Journal of the Dragonborn SSE (alpha) +AutoLoot 1.33 +Perception +Skyrim Unlimited Rings and Amulets SSE +Skyrim Unlimited Training ... +AIM FIX - combat camera with aiming control and exclusive crosshair fix +Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim +Mortal Enemies SE … Note on iHUD + SkyHUD + Customizable UI Replacer + AIM FIX compatibility: 4. You may find other mods that further enhance your experience (for example, customizable camera mods) but the main goal of my list is to provide you with a set of mods that focus on improving arrows, bows, and archery-related stuff only. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Please support the AIM FIX Camera project. [+] Introducing new feature: AIM FIX Dynamic Perfomance Control: This is an internal mechanism - AIM FIX mod will unregister hooked script events and hotkeys for those options which has been disabled to lighten the script load a bit. Applies globally for all activities. Skyrim.ini or .ESM master-files). 224. Currently forced crosshair during hovering is always active and not have an option to disable this behavior. [+] Lock Wheel Zoom when Archery - Locks the wheel zoom by equalizing global minimum and maximum zoom (vanity distance) temporarily only during Ranged Activity. [*] Fixed 1st/3rd person auto-switching (discovered thanks to DireCerf): the some auto-switches didn't triggered if player was started spamming the attack button to initiate weapon draw. AIM FIX additional features (when needed): the absorbed stealth meter position is used for dynamic crosshair toggling between the activities and for lowering the centered sneak eye during hovering on interacting objects objects/NPC's, also stealth meter will start recieving the aiming offsets when it centerd (vanilla) during sneaking. Changes from AIM FIX v2.0 (2018-12-08) to AIM FIX v2.1 (2018-12-30): [*] Optimized scripts: reduced number of hooked controls and game events to slightly reduce the script load. Consequences: detection of camera state and aiming offsets will stop working on camera view switch using the hotkey (default is 'F'), so you need to switch by a wheel zoom keys (if they are enabled here) to make the camera and crosshair to apply on a 1st/3rd person view switch. Hi, you can read AIM FIX SSE posts section, since it being more downloaded and discussed.

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